Nightmare (warning, somewhat graphic)

April 11, 2011 at 8:30 am (nightmare)

I’m running down the street, it is dark… just after sunset, street lights are on.  There is a creature above our heads we are trying to run away from, it seems to travel down the overhead powerlines… all I can see is a series of long tentacles which seem to not be solid, but be made up of millions of smaller round balls… almost like marbles that are slightly lit from the inside.  It writhes as it travels, expanding and contracting it’s various limbs as needed to either shift down the powerline or reach out to grab people.  We are running, my friends/family and I, to get to the house where we can hide.  I look over my shoulder and see it bearing down on us, it moves fast.  One tentacle reaches out and snaps above me like a whip… we keep running, I reach behind me to grab one of my friends  by the sleeve, yanking her and shoving her through an open doorway and I hear the snap of the creature and feel a massive sting on the back of my hand.  Some of the nodes of the alien have detached and are now under my skin.  I duck into the house.

I can feel the nodes moving under the skin of my left hand… on the back of my hand I see bumps, and down the meat of my thumb, almost around to the palm of my hand, I see that node is already growing.  They burn and pulse, and wriggle around, I need to stop them from spreading and get them out.  My friend grabs my arm just below the wrist to cut off circulation, keep them from crawling up my arm.  I feel the ones on the back of my hand trying to find a path into the rest of my body.  We can’t get to a hospital, there isn’t time, I have to get them out now.  Another friend is searching the house for a knife as I grab at the largest node to keep it from moving around.  My entire hand is throbbing, I can feel them moving around, getting larger feeding off the blood in my system.  I pull out a pocket knife and open it, poking the tip of the knife just below the largest node… I feel the blade enter my skin, blood drips down… I cut a slice into my skin about the diameter of the node and put the knife down… I squeeze at the base of the node, forcing it to come up and out through the hole I’ve cut in my skin… it is larger than a marble, but gelatinous… and it doesn’t want to come out.  I squeeze harder and it reluctantly surfaces, this node has already been transformed into an eyeball, which is staring up at me from the side of my hand.  I have to use the knife to sever the connection it has to my veins, it drops to the floor and another friend captures it.  I set to work trying to force the two smaller nodes from the back of my hand around to the front, to avoid having to cut myself again, and to get them out before they get any larger.

Now that I’ve been attacked, if I can remove them I’ll be immune to further attacks, and my blood can be used as  a remedy for those who have been attacked.  These nodes are parasitic… once they take hold the people do not want them removed, they want to attack and spread, so the cure needs to be made into a form that can be dispersed in the air.  We are held up in the house for at least 3 days… for some reason we don’t need to close the curtains or overtly hide, simply being inside keeps the rest of the people safe.  I can run out to get supplies since I can’t be infected again, however I’m still in danger of being killed outright because I am of no use to them since I can no longer be a host.  I make frequent runs, having to duck and hide.  And though the nodes were removed from my hand, it still burns and throbs from where they had implanted.


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October 17, 2010 at 4:49 pm (Uncategorized)

*I have a celebrity visiting at my house.  It’s kind of a big deal, but I don’t want to make a big deal out of it, so I’m acting completely casual – it seems he has been here before.  This morning he is going through my cupboards and looking at what there is to eat for cereal.  He picks up a box of granola/cornflake type cereal that I just recently purchased.  I let him know I haven’t tried it yet, so I don’t know if it’s any good or if he’ll like it, but he’s welcome to check it out.  He opens the box and pours some into his hand to try a bite.  I look beyond him to the window looking out to the street… everything seems very brown or soot covered.  There’s been some kind of apocalypse type event (war or natural disaster)  We are without a lot of modern conveniences.  People are scared of each other, though resources (food, water) don’t appear to be difficult to get – it’s just that nobody talks to or interacts with anybody else.  If you go out into the street and you are not a regular, or outside at a time of day that you are familiar with, you are afraid of being attacked.  I realize that we are out of something needed for breakfast, and I sigh and head out the door.  I duck a lot, run whenever in exposed areas, dive behind buildings.  I get to an old brick building next to the water, large wooden doors are open.  I can smell something unusual from this building… I look around and see some people casually walking down the street, some people seem to be looking for something, others are driving shopping carts quickly down the road, racing around corners to duck for cover.  I duck into this building, and find a man building a machine.  He has been working on it for a while, the unusual smell I noticed is some kind of chemical.  He seems completely relaxed about the situation outside, and I wonder if he is just high – he should be scared.  But he is convinced that this device – which is some kind of man-powered flying machine – will work, and get him out of this area and over to where society is still normal.

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dream and nightmare

July 22, 2010 at 10:13 pm (dreams, nightmare)

*I’m at a party – it’s taking place in my parents house, but as I walk through the house it expands beyond the reality of what the house is.  It is filled with a lot of strangers, and as I meander I see a few people I know.  People I went to school with are cooking food, cleaning things up, sorting the recycling.  I appreciate their help, and I move some recycling over to where I know my folks have their cans to go out.  I can smell the food cooking, feel the smoke and steam from the grill when I stop to look over the shoulder of the person cooking. The dining room is 5 times the size of the actual room, the table is long, like a conference table.  One friend from school is at the end of the table with a laptop – he got a call from work and has to log in to fix some things.  I sit next to him and talk for a long time… the party keeps going on around us.  I can feel the cool hardness of the table, it’s polished.  The walls are decorated the way they were when I was 6… a fishnet across the paneling, glass floats and starfish in various spots of the net. I mention that I don’t recall volunteering my parent’s house for this, I wonder who most of these people are.  We talk about work and school and travel.

*I’m watching machines becoming self aware.  I see a large cruise ship being engulfed by a what looks like a giant space ship… it is a crane with long flexible arms that come down and wrap around the ship.  It is pulled from the water, the people are pulled out of the ship, and I’m watching the formation of the matrix.  I see a few people get away… they are the group who will become Morpheus and his fighters.  I’m on a dock with a family, we are being escorted by businessmen.  We are rich, and are not going to be plugged into the matrix… but we aren’t supposed to know about it.  I see a container being offloaded, the container is filled with Japanese women and children… they’ve been brought here to be put into work camps of some kind.  They are being lead out of the container by heavy chains wrapped around their wrists, in a long line.  I wasn’t supposed to see them, so I pretend I didn’t.  We’re on a cruise ship now… the people in charge suspect that we know what is going on, and we have to get away.  I’m trying to get my family to get their stuff together… there are 4 or 5 kids, a couple of adults in our group.  We aren’t fully dressed, they gave us something to change into for a formal event, but I’m saying we need to run… run now.  I can hear them a few rooms away, they are talking about us.  They are coming for us.  I’m barefoot… I have on some kind of formal dress but I can’t find my shoes, and I don’t think I could run in them if I had them on anyway. I can feel the changes in the flooring as we run through the corridor… short indoor/outdoor carpet, cool tile, thick shag… we are trying to find an exit.  We reach a set of sliding doors… they open to a deck that has no railing.  I spring my arms out to stop everyone from going over the edge.  If we jump, we have to clear the wake being created by the ship, or we’ll be sucked under and go through the props.  I step forward, I can feel the smooth fiberglass under my feet… I peek over the edge of the ship and see the wake we have to clear, it is green with algae.  I look further out and see a marsh… we are in extremely shallow water, and should be able to make it to land if we can jump hard enough.  I can feel the breeze on my face, smell the salt air, feel the vibrations of the ship’s engine through the deck I’m standing on.  I’m calculating how hard I need to push off with my legs to clear the wake, and wondering how the mud will feel in my toes when I land in the marsh.

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dreams and nightmare

July 2, 2010 at 4:59 pm (dreams, nightmare)

A few dreams from the past few nights and one nightmare

*I’m in a warehouse of some kind, it’s dark… dirty… sound echos.  I’m giving birth… slightly worried about the lack of cleanliness, but a hospital is simply not an option.  Other people are having to give birth here too, we’re hiding from something?  Someone?  Seems like post-apocalypse.  I can feel the baby coming out of me, it’s a boy, I reach down as he is coming out head first… the head is out, I’m cradling him in my hands as I push the rest of his body out.  I can feel the texture of the substances on him, the warmth, the stickiness.  I cradle him in my arms… I don’t have clothes for him.  We have to cut the umbilical cord, I need to find a place to deliver the placenta.  I tie off the cord, someone else with me cuts it, but it’s too close to the baby.  The baby complains, he is born able to talk.  I hold him in my arms and he is giving me directions on where to go… the hallways are dark, people are running around with flashlights, we are trying to avoid these people.

*I’m at a party – we are hosting it and decided to have it catered instead of having to cook all the food, though it’s at someone else’s house as well.  A friend of mine who I hadn’t seen in a couple decades decided to invite herself to the party.  It’s not much of a gathering, and I explain to her that there’s not going to be a lot more people here (if that’s what she was expecting)  She seems happy to see me, even cries.  She’s wearing a lot of makeup though, the tears run lines through the powder, but she doesn’t seem to care.  She feels bad about something from the past, and she wants to apologize to me.  She gives me a hug.  I was just on my way out of the house to go back to my house because I forgot a few things… she comes with me out the front door and climbs into a little car.  The car is designed to drive for you, you get in and lay back.  I’m getting into the car, but I feel like it’s not safe… that’s not a good position to be in if there is a crash.

*I’m in the hospital… it’s a strange hospital, I don’t know the doctors or nurses.  I’m being told I have to have some kind of abdominal surgery.  I’m scared out of my mind as they describe it to me, my internal organs are moved around and they have to go in and move them back… they have a diagram of what happened, it looks horrible.  I’m on the phone, trying to reach someone I know… nobody seems to know that I’m here and I’m scared to be put under for the surgery until I have a friend or family with me.  I’m crying on the phone because nobody is answering any of the numbers I’m dialing.

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June 3

June 3, 2010 at 11:44 am (dreams)

I’m back stage, the theater is down the street from an off ramp to the freeway.  There are pandas gathered at the off ramp, like the people who hold up signs that say “homeless – need money”.  I am walking amongst them, telling the person in charge that they don’t need to be out here anymore.  I’m barefoot, and as I’m walking back to the backstage area, I’ve realized I cut my large toes.  The one on my right foot isn’t bad, however my left big toe is bleeding a lot… I’m walking on my heels trying to get to the dressing room area where there is a first aid kit… I need to stop the bleeding and clean it before it becomes infected.  I stand by the table and lift my left leg up to hold it by the ankle, and look… my toe is cut across in several places, the nail is cut into and it is bleeding.  I wake up suddenly, my toe is still throbbing from the dream.

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